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Think of it as a bit of leverage, for almost any of your brilliant ideas.


Hardened expertise in molecular biology, genetics, gene therapy, microscopy, histology, neuroscience, tissue culture, biochemistry, immunology, animal models of disease, bioinformatics, promoter bashing, virus design, gene arrays, sequencing, physiology, and more.

What do you like to experiment with?


If you have a need to create novel reagents, our goal is to help you Go In Vivo! More than twenty years of experience in the industry provides a wealth of insight regarding strategies, tools, and best practices – all while remaining current with recent technological advances.

Need a custom reagent?


Skilled in the art of solving problems and making devices that serve one’s needs, we are able to make “one-off” devices, or scale up to hundreds. Prototyping in the modern era involves iterating on an hourly or daily basis, not weekly or monthly – soup to nuts.

What do you want to make?


Together we can take your science project to the next level. We want to complement your existing skills, and together we can identify the best path forward. Identify the roadblocks, consider solutions, strategize for best outcomes, initiate, process, assess and optimize.

How do you do things?


Starting a biotech company in Berkeley provided the first hand and local experience that can help any startup navigate some daunting challenges at all phases of early growth. Let’s work together to create something better than either of us can make on our own.


Computer aided design in combination with 3D printing allows for swift and iterative design that won’t break a budget. What is your favorite material? Do you need to custom produce anything?


Identify, use, and build according to design. Engineering for both function and form, we aim to make useful and attractive products. Milestones, versioning, finished products – they all require proper engineering to bring ideas to market.

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We are registered with SAM in order to subcontract on federal contracts. We have experience with the US Department of Defense and know what it takes to be part of coordinated teams of individuals, all focused on major tasks.

Think of Bay Genomics as an extension of your lab -
providing some additional horsepower.

We are a Berkeley based laboratory fostering:
scientific innovation, collaboration, partnering and intellectual creativity.

How can we work together?

Our Mission and Purpose

We have grown up, from a Startup.
Soooo many lessons learned.
Be a leader for your ideas.
Go on, give 'em a little push.

We started Bay Genomics because we know how difficult it can be for any individual or small organization to translate their ideas into reality. It takes manpower, creativity, experience, commitment and focus. Though our world is more integrated and connected than ever before, high technology is generating more and more data, and its complexity appears to be growing with every passing year.

We have trained as investigators, and we love to learn and share our knowledge. Dozens of interns have participated and contributed to our core expertise over the years, and we hope to continue to engage with young, bright minds.

Come - let's have a conversation. Let us introduce you to our space, discuss our philosophy, and demonstrate how fun it can be to create things in an inclusive, diverse, and clever environment - right here in Berkeley, CA.

  • Our expertise can be leveraged to help your experiments succeed and flourish

  • The beginning of the 21st century has provided unprecedented access to novel tools for bringing ideas to life

  • Intellectual property, legal filings, banking, accounting, regulations, safety, project management, billing, employees, negotiation

  • The only way to behave and build meaningful relationships

Facilities and Equipment

Most anything you need to foster innovation and bring ideas to life

Wet Lab

For Biology, Chemstry, and Related Disciplines
Our Wet Lab has numerous benches and most all requisite equipment to support your project: autoclave, ice, pure water, fridges and freezers, electrophoresis, pipetters, vortexers, centrifuges, robots, shakers, incubators, ovens, fume hood, vacuum, histology, cryostat, microscopes and more.


Dedicated Electronics Prototyping Area
We have a wide variety of standard electronic components for printed circuit boards (PCBs). In addition we have soldering irons, microscopes, a small flow oven, power supplies, and are skilled at designing and ordering PCBs. Think… Arduino, GitHub, PCBs, and making devices.


All the equipment and amenitites to perform cell and tissue culture
A dedicated room for cell and tissue culture containing microscopes, centrifuges, a fully exhausting biological safety cabinet, vacuum lines, a sink, incubators, refrigerators and freezers.

Got Cells?
Need Cells?


A Shop and Production Space
In order to put it all together, we have a workshop and benches with computers for designing components and printing them out. 3D printers, Apple computers, and plenty of filament. Need to cut, saw, bind, glue, melt, bolt, etc… no problem, we can help with that.

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